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Sponsor a Resident Pet

Could you Sponsor a Resident Pet?

Here at Tameside Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue, we have a number of permanent residents. This is because unfortunately, some Rabbits and Guinea Pigs cannot be rehomed, either for behavioural or medical reasons.

Some stay here at the rescue and others are fostered out. Where our residents are fostered, we continue to pay for medical bills. Whether kept at the rescue, or fostered with medical care, these pets with special needs cost the rescue a large amount of money – whether it be for general upkeep and resources or vet bills and medication.

We are therefore offering a Sponsor Scheme, and asking supporters if they can help with a small donation of £5.00 per month to sponsor a permanent resident in our care. In return for your kindness, we will send you (or another person if for a gift) quarterly updates on your chosen sponsor Rabbit or Guinea Pig, a Birthday and Christmas card and key ring too.

The sponsor scheme can either be paid monthly via PayPal or directly from your bank (we will provide you with our Bank or PayPal details); or you can choose to cover the year in a single payment. At the end of the annual term you will have the option of either keeping your sponsorship, changing your sponsored Rabbit or Guinea Pig, or ending the scheme.

In the event a resident bunny or guinea pig passes away, we will inform you and you can transfer your sponsorship to another permanent resident that needs your help and will benefit from your kindness.

When sponsoring, we will need the details of your mailing address for updates of your chosen Rabbit or Guinea Pig, email address and your birth date too.

Please let us know if you can help or have any questions. And as always – we thank you for your continued support.



Pasha is a very feisty bunny! He is a permanent resident due to behavioural reasons and cannot be rehomed. Pasha likes to bite! He does not like being handled or stroked, and is therefore happier when left to enjoy his own space as he is cage protective too! Pasha is however responding slightly to our interaction through his hutch, but it will take a lot of time and encouragement to gain our trust (and not bite!) For the forseeable future, Pasha will have a home at the rescue where we will continue to work with this gorgeous boy.



We have tried several times to rehome Princess after we had her neutered, but due to her unruly behaviour she was returned three times. She is an adult cashmere and needs grooming daily. She is also cage protective and grunts a lot and needs confident handling. Princess has also developed eye problems which require continued care and bathing. We have been able to find a fantastic foster carer who has been able to bathe and wok with Princesses behaviour and she is improving. However she will still need medical attention and will stay in foster care for the forseeable future as she has had many homes and this alone causes stress for her.