Tameside Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue – Don't shop. Adopt.

Rescue Notice Board

Adoption Fee

Please note that there is an adoption fee and paperwork to complete before taking your new friend(s) home. The adoption fee is not for profit and helps to keep the rescue running by contributing to the costs of shelter, feeding and essential veterinary care for the rescue rabbits and guinea pigs, many of whom need treatment on arrival and while at the shelter.

Children visiting the Rescue

Undue stress can severely affect the health and well-being of the small animals in our care.

For this reason, and owing to the unfortunate misbehaviour of a small minority of children visiting the centre with their parents, we must insist that accompanying children are quiet and well-behaved at all times.

In the rare case that it is necessary, we reserve the right to request families to leave if children do not respect the animals they have come to see.

Domestic Pets

Please be aware domestic pets cannot survive in the wild!

Rescue Donations

Please consider supporting the Rescue through a donation

Easy Fund Raising

Be Aware!


Please do not advertise your unwanted pets as “free to a good home” or give them away for nothing. Unfortunately there are people in Tameside and other areas taking unwanted pets for use as snake food.


A huge thank you to all our very generous supporters who have given so generously to the rescue in these very difficult times.

If you would like to become a supporter of the rescue, helping us to continue giving abandoned or unwanted rabbit or guinea pigs the chance of a happy future, please contact Elaine on 0773 883 1872.


If you need to rehome your rabbit or guinea pig, please note that owing to the overwhelming number of unwanted pets being referred to the rescue, we are having to operate a waiting list for pets coming into the rescue.

Items Needed

We need food and bedding and tarpaulins to keep our rabbits dry.

Please see a wish list for our animals at www.amazon.co.uk

Our latest FOOD raising venture is to ask everyone to collect their Burgess food bag barcodes and send them to the rescue.