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Oswald and Freddie

Oswald is 4 months old and lives with 1 year old Freddie. They are bonded and will be rehomed together. Oswald is an American crested and will remain short haired. Freddie will need some grooming as his hair is semi long.

0773 883 1872

Alice and Willow

Alice and Willow are around 2 years old. Both are short haired and are a little shy at the moment. Can you give these two gorgeous girls a home where they will have lots of fuss and attention?

0773 883 1872

Dash and Obie

Dash and Obie have recently been paired up and when Dash is old enough, they will be up for rehome. They already get on very well and would love a home with space to play and lots of fuss and attention.

0773 883 1872

Basil and Arthur

This lovely pair are both 12 months old. They are well bonded and will be rehomed together. Basil is a lunky and Arthur is a teddy breed.

0773 883 1872


This is Jilly and she is 4 months old. She can either live alone with lots of attention or with a neutered male. She is very curious and likes to greet people who come to the rescue but is so far overlooked.

0773 883 1872

James and Edward

James if a fluffy 1½ year old. He will need some maintenance of his hair. He has some scabs where he has scratched himself and has been treated for mites which have now cleared. He lives with Edward who is 9 months old. He will remain short haired.

0773 883 1872

Stan and Ollie

Stan is a 1 year old long haired male who lives with 8 week old Ollie. He will also be long haired and need some hair maintenance. They get on really well and Ollie likes to follow Stan everywhere! Have you got a home for this lovely bonded pair?

0773 883 1872


Benji is a 9 month old gorgeous boy. He is extremely friendly and has been waiting a while now to find a loving home. Can you give him a place to live?

0773 883 1872


This is Abe. He recently came into the rescue to find a new home with a female. Unfortunately neither are neutered. Therefore Lucy will have to stay here until her babies are born and old enough to be rehomed. Abe will be able to be rehomed now. Can you give him a home?

0773 883 1872

Major and Koda

Major is a 1 year old teddy. Unfortunately he has had hay mite which has been treated and is recovering from. He has some hair loss on his back due to this. He lives with 12 week old Koda. He will be long haired which will need some maintaining.

0773 883 1872

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde are both 3 years old. Clyde has been neutered. They are both Netherland Dwarfs and are only small and are very friendly. Can you offer them a home?

0773 883 1872


Ralph is an 8 week old agouti lionhead who is looking for a home. We’d love him to find a new home where he will have space to play and lots of attention.

0773 883 1872

Dutch 8 Week Old Babies

We have 3 little boys and a little girl looking for a forever home. These baby Dutch are 8 weeks old and are only very small. Can you help them find a home?

0773 883 1872

Cheeky and Monkey

Cheeky and Monkey are 9 months and 8 weeks old. They are bonded and will be rehomed together. They will need some maintenance of their hair as they will be semi long haired.

0773 883 1872

Kevin and Vinnie

Kevin and Vinnie are two bonded males. They can be very noisy when it’s food time as they love their veg!

0773 883 1872

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