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Cookie and Crumble

This adult and baby pair have been bonded at the rescue and are looking for a home together. Can you offer this friendly pair a home?

0773 883 1872

Guy and Buddy

Guy is a long haired cuy who is 5 months old. He is a big breed and will need some hair maintenance. Buddy is also 5 months old and is short haired.

0773 883 1872


Rolo is a satin mini lop with amazing blue eyes! He is very friendly, and loves lots of fuss and attention. Have you a home for Rolo, where he can enjoy lots of space?

0773 883 1872

Ozzy and Joey

Ozzy and Joey are a bonded pair of short haired boys. Ozzy is 18 months old and Joey is 6 weeks. Could you offer these friendly boys a home?

0773 883 1872

Freddie and George

George and Freddie are looking for a newe home. George is a semi long haired male and Freddy is a teddy breed. We would love them to find a home very soon.

0773 883 1872


Bumble is a short haired male who currently lives on his own. He is 5 months old and will be bonded with a baby.

0773 883 1872


Jane is a young adult who has had a litter and is now looking for a home of her own. Her babies are also looking for a home too. She is very friendly and would be able to bond with a neutered male.

0773 883 1872

Snowy and Spike

Snowy and Spike are an adult and baby pair who have been bonded at the rescue. They are looking for a home together where they will recieve lots of attention.

0773 883 1872

Peter, Pan, Treacle and Toffee

Peter, Pan, Treacle and Toffee are 10 weeks old. They will be rehomed in black and white pairs. They currently live together, however will be split into pairs soon.

0773 883 1872

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