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Donald and Ronald

Donald and Ronald are a bonded pair of lunkys. Donald is an adult and Ronald is an 8 week old baby. They are both long haired which will require maintaining. They are a friendly pair who would love a home together.
0773 883 1872

Simon and Alvin

Simon is a long haired adult that will need some maintaining. Alvin is a young baby who is short haired. They have bonded well and are very friendly.
0773 883 1872


Jet is an 18 month old guinea pig. He came to the rescue to find a new home. She is looking for a new home as a pair or a group. Jet is very friendly and curious. She will need some grooming to maintain her hair. Can you give her a new home?
0773 883 1872


Benny is a beautiful satin boar who is 18 months old. He is very friendly and would love a new home with lots of attention and space to play. Can you give Benny a home?
0773 883 1872


Nell was brought to the rescue pregnant. She has had a few litters and has recently raised a litter of boys who are now looking for a home too. Due to the feeding it’s left Nell with patchy hair which will grow back very quickly. It will need some maintaining as she is a kinky breed. Can you give this lovely girl a loving home?
0773 883 1872

Monty and Bill

Bill and Monty are looking for a home together. They are only very young and are very friendly. They can be vocal at feeding time as carrots are their favourite food!
0773 883 1872

Sam and Dillis

This gorgeous neutered pair are aged 2 and 3 years old. Dillis is a mini lop and Sam is a lionlop. They are very friendly and enjoy attention. Can you give them a loving home?
0773 883 1872


Billy is a Netherland dwarf boy. He is very curious and waiting to be rehomed. He is very firendly and enjoys lots of attention.
0773 883 1872


Lola is a lovely little neutered mini lopo and is looking for a home that will give her lots of fuss and attention after her owners could no longer keep her. She is around 2-3 years old. Can you help rehome this beautiful girl?
0773 883 1872

Babies looking for Homes

We have lots of babies looking for homes. The ages here vary from 6-9 weeks old. They are different breeds meaning some are long, short, straight and curly haired. They can be rehomed in pairs or with an adult male.
0773 883 1872


Can you give Frank a home? He is an 18 month old satin who is very friendly and enjoys being fussed and fed!!
0773 883 1872


Mick is a satin 18 month old boar. He is very friendly and very noisy when he hears the bags rustling with food in! Can you give this cheeky chap a home?
0773 883 1872

Giant Continental Babies

We have 5 giant continental babies looking for homes and will be rehomed from the age of 10 weeks. They will grow to be very big and will need lots of space to exercise and play.
0773 883 1872


This is Penny. She is only young and has come to the rescue to find a new home after her owners no longer wanted her. She’d love a home that will give her lots of time, love and attention with a friend or group. Can you give this lovely girl a home to spend the rest of her life?
0773 883 1872

Sooty and Sweep

These gorgeous little fellas are 8 weeks old and are looking for a home either together or separately. They must be neutered to avoid any falling out. They are a Netherland dwarf breed and will remain small.
0773 883 1872


Ronnie is 10 weeks old. He is vaccinated (no card) and micro chipped. He came into the rescue after his owner suffered from allergies with him. He’d love another home again. Can you give him a home?
0773 883 1872


Neil is a very cheeky boy who is 1 year old, neutered and vaccinated. He is not suitable for children and would need a home where he can run around and play. He would need confident handling. He is a very mischievous boy who needs a new home to exercise and explore.
0773 883 1872

Lana and Lizzy

Can you offer a home to these lovely girls? They are 12 and 9 months old and very friendly. Lizzy is 12 months old and long haired. Whereas Lana is 9 months old and her hair will remain short. Can you help find them a home?
0773 883 1872

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