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Danny and Pete

This young pair are looking for a home. They are well bonded. Danny and Pete will need some hair maintenance. They are very friendly and would love a new home together.
0773 883 1872


Nala is a gorgeous fluffy lion head who is around 8 weeks old. She came to the rescue with others to find a home. Nala will require grooming to maintain her lovely hair!
0773 883 1872

Aggie and May

These two long haired girls are looking for a home together. Aggie is quite a dominant character and is bonded with May. They will need some hair maintenance by grooming.
0773 883 1872


Sid is an 18 month old Angora rabbit. He is currently clipped short but his hair will grow very long and fluffy. Sid will need daily grooming and to be bedded on shredded paper. Angoras are very friendly and loving. Please do your research on this breed and the care they need before you consider rehoming one. They require lots of maintenance of the coat.
0773 883 1872

Katie and Sophie

These babies will need an indoor home. Unfortunately Katie has a twisted neck which does not affect her at all. Can you offer them both an indoor home and lots of love?
0773 883 1872


Felix has come to the rescue to find a home. He is extremely friendly, around 9 months old and easy to handle. He would love a home with lots of space to play and exercise. Can you give Felix a loving home with lots of attention?
0773 883 1872

Monty and Binky

This gorgeous male and female pair are 1 year old and Monty has been neutered and both vaccinated. They have been indoor rabbits, therefore used to a home environment and both litter trained. They have been brought to the rescue due to a change of circumstances for their owner. They are very friendly and enjoy being held and stroked. Monty and Binky will be rehomed together.
0773 883 1872

Dallas – Now Neutered

Dallas is a 10 month old mini lop who is looking for a home. He is extremely friendly and would love a home to play and run around. Can you offer this blue eyed beauty a home?
0773 883 1872


This little boy is 10 weeks old and looking for a home. His sister has been reserved and we’d love that he finds a home too. He is very friendly and easy to handle. Can you offer him a home?
0773 883 1872

George & Mildred

These babies are brother and sister and they are 10 weeks old and a very curious pair! If they were to be rehomed together, they MUST be neutered when old enough. Can you offer them a home to explore and play?
0773 883 1872

Izzie, Mary and Ellie

This trio will be rehomed together. They are bonded adults and an 8 week old baby. These girls are very friendly and calm. They will need some hair maintenance by grooming.
0773 883 1872

Jim and Jam

This lovely pair are bonded males and are looking for a home together. They are well handled. They will need some hair maintenance by regular grooming and trimming.
0773 883 1872

Cookie and Crumble

This beautiful pair of bonded males are both long haired. They will need it maintaining by grooming and trimming. They are happy being being groomed and pampered. These boys are around 18 months old.
0773 883 1872

Friendly Baby Girls

These lovely, friendly babies are now looking for a home after coming to the rescue with their mum. They can be seen running around in a video. They are all girls. Can you give a home to either mum or babies?
0773 883 1872


Donny came to the rescue with his four brothers and sisters and mum (who is also looking for a home – she is now neutered). He is the remaining baby left from this lovely litter. Can you offer him a home?
0773 883 1872

Bruce and Willis

Bruce is 9 months old and is bonded with 6 week old Willis. They will both need some maintaining, and they are both very friendly and noisy – they love to wheek for food!
0773 883 1872

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