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Our Resident Bunnies

The following pets all have special needs and will be spending the remainder of their days with us.


Princess is an adult cashmere neutered female rabbit who has been returned to the rescue after 3 unsuccessful homes. Princess needs grooming daily. She gets cage protective and grunts but hasn’t bitten – but it puts potential new owners off rehoming! Princess does like to think she is boss and she has attacked neutered males. The decision has been made that Princess will remain here at the rescue as confident handling is needed to keep on top of her fur and her unruly attitude!


Bungle is a 10 week old male rabbit who has been born at the rescue. He has had his ears chewed after his mum was overcleaning the litter. This does not bother him as he has grown up like this.He is extremely cheeky and will look for what he can get, he enjoys being held and being on the grass on nice days. He will remain at the rescue.


Dora is our resident continental giant who has been with us for quite a few years. She is now approaching 5 years old and has got arthiritis in her leg so is only able to be out and about for 2 days a week. On nice days she will spend her time eating the grass in the neighbours garden and if let out of our gate will go straight into next door. She regularly gets taken in next door to watch tv with the kids. She is the biggest thief as she will eat her way through bags of carrots or climb into the food bin and sit there eating the food. Dora does like to see what people have in their bags and is quite a character!