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Benji is a 9 month old gorgeous boy. He is extremely friendly and has been waiting a while now to find a loving home. Can you give him a place to live?

0773 883 1872


This is Abe. He recently came into the rescue to find a new home with a female. Unfortunately neither are neutered. Therefore Lucy will have to stay here until her babies are born and old enough to be rehomed. Abe will be able to be rehomed now. Can you give him a home?

0773 883 1872

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde are both 3 years old. Clyde has been neutered. They are both Netherland Dwarfs and are only small and are very friendly. Can you offer them a home?

0773 883 1872


Ralph is an 8 week old agouti lionhead who is looking for a home. We’d love him to find a new home where he will have space to play and lots of attention.

0773 883 1872


This is Jilly and she is 4 months old. She can either live alone with lots of attention or with a neutered male. She is very curious and likes to greet people who come to the rescue but is so far overlooked.

0773 883 1872

Dutch 8 Week Old Babies

We have 3 little boys and a little girl looking for a forever home. These baby Dutch are 8 weeks old and are only very small. Can you help them find a home?

0773 883 1872