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Lucy and Annie

Lucy and Annie are two sisters who have come to the rescue as their owners circumstances have changed. They are both used to lots of attention and will be held very easily, making them easy pets for children. Could you give these lovely girls a loving home?

0773 883 1872

Suzy and Trudy

Suzy and Trudy are two female guineas who have come to the rescue to be re-homed after their family could no longer keep them. Suzy is long-haired, so will need trimming and grooming. Both have been well handled by children and are very friendly. Could you give them the loving home they’d like?

0773 883 1872


Jilly is a two year old, long-haired female, who is very fluffy. As a little lady with attitude, she loves her own company and absolutely refuses to live with any other guineas. Could you give this girl her forever home?

0773 883 1872