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Pet Name Peewee
Date added 9th August 2016
Posted by elaine
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Hi Elaine, just thought you might like an update on Peewee. He’s been really christened as Wilbur and is hte happiest bun in the world. He’s getting much more used to us stroking him and quite happily let’s us stroke his head and ears while in the top of the hutch … we’re working on him coming to us outside the hutch. He’s sharing a double storey hutch with Easter who loves him and they have access to 2 runs from around 6.30am until 9 at night and some evenings and weekends he comes out on the patio with us and binkies for hours … he chases Easter and nibbles on the grass and dandelions! We even found him in our living room a few weeks ago aftr we popped inside for 5 minutes! His favourite food is willow leaves from our willow tree but he loves apples and carrots too; he grabs and runs so Easter can’t pinch anything. He’s no longer stained yellow and has put on some weight … he’s now even more handsome! I’ve attached a few pics of him with his new friend in one of the runs. He’s fit in perfectly and we’ve fallen in love.

Toni and Sarah