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Updated -  10th April 2016

A huge thank you to all our very generous supporters who gave so generously to the rescue at this very difficult time.

Scroll down our pages to see all our rabbits and guinea pigs who are looking for new families.
Be sure to visit each page each time you visit as new arrivals are posted to pages 1 to 4.

We need food and bedding and tarpaulins to keep our rabbits dry and
we have a wish list for our animals at
and our latest FOOD raising venture is to ask everyone to collect their Burgess food bag barcodes and send them to the rescue.  Please send an email to ask for our address.


If you need to rehome your rabbit or guinea pig, we are now operating a waiting list of those who need to come into the rescue due to the overwhelming number of unwanted pets.
Please be aware domestic pets cannot survive in the wild!
Please do not advertise your unwanted pets
as "free to a good home" or give them away for nothing
as there are people in Tameside and other areas taking them for Snake food.

We also continue to care for those who can't be rehomed due to their special needs.
To see our permanent residents
please click here

Unfortunately due the misbehaviour of a small minority of children visiting the centre with their parents, we must insist that accompanying children are quiet and well-behaved at all times and we reserve the right to request families to leave if children do not respect the animals they have come to see.
Undue stress can severely affect the health and well-being of the small animals in our care.

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Please note that there is an adoption fee, to help to cover the costs of feeding and veterinary care for our rabbits, and paperwork to complete before taking you new friend(s) home. 
Rabbit of the month

Jimmy is a white mini rex male who has been at the rescue for a few months and would definitely make someone a lovely pet. He is just 12 months old and loves attention, rexs make brilliant pest as their fur is not like normal rabbit hair as they hardly shed

We are trialing a new way of displaying the rabbits and guinea pigs in our care.  So the pages will be a little mixed for a short time.
Please help we need funds to continue our work.

Violet arrived at the rescue with a very dirty back end as her owner was given her and couldn’t look after her pet correctly as she was a pensioner and has cancer.   Violet's back end was full of poo and she smelt terribly.   As violet is over weight she doesn’t clean herself so her new owners will need to check her regular until she can lose her excess fat.

Violet was sold as a Angora which she isn’t, she is a French lop. Violet is 4 and has been neutered and has been living as a house rabbit.

 The rescue gets lots of phonecalls where people think they have Angoras and the rabbit is a Lionhead or a cross breed. Angoras are a big rabbit and are a mass of hair which is very different to any other breed.

Twinkle is approximately 2-3 years and she is a Continental cross so is a large rabbit.  She is extremely friendly and loves being stroked and bothered with.  However, she will need a large cage for her to be able to spread out.  Twinkle, arrived at the rescue a couple of weeks ago after being abandoned by her previous owner.  She enjoys her food and greens.

Lacey is a French lop girl who is 10 months old.  She loves attention and would benefit from a home where she will have lots of space and a family with time for her.

in one year 2000 rabbits   

If you would like to adopt a new friend from this page please go to conditions of adoption

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